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TRAVIECIRCUS DUO was born in 2015 as a traveling project. It takes shape thanks to the passion for travel and universal language of street art, it  is composed by Alessandra (aerial dance performer, Italy) and Yoltic (musician and clown, Mexico).

In these years of training and creation we have written and joined forces and ideas giving life to our productions

We  travel the world having fun and creating unique moments with audience, sharing our cultures and laughs with  the people. In these years we had the honor to performe in countries such as Montenegro, Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Albania, Croatia, Morocco, Thailand, South Korea, Japan ,Malaysia, Cambodia and more coming soon 

-"F.I.E.S.T.A" (fun, incredible, experience, street theater, art)

a full immersion into mexican culture , will give to the audience the spicy sensation of a traditional fiesta between  mariachi music , lucha libre and lot of Tequila !!

- "Errando si impara" different atmospheres ,

human casuality and the awareness that we

are not perfect until we get wrong, just then we learn.                                     


tel: +393409156066

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