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- "F.I.E.S.T.A" duration 30/45 min:  

(CircusTheather, comedy, juggling)

It is a full immersion in Mexican culture that will catapult the audience into a real FIESTA!
Rhythm, juggling and comedy: two amusing musicians must entertain the audience, but taken by music and tequila they will face many difficulties before completing their skills. Show at the limit between the absurd and the oneiric with a high rate of spiciness! 



"El NoPalito Clown":    (clown,improvisation & juggling)

El NoPalito its a brilliant and irreverent clown who will make the audience travel through different cultures, recalling their most particular and amusing characters and traits. The show makes use of the surrounding reality, bringing to light its most comical facets. Sound and physical improvisation, the clown and a high level of juggling technique merge in a singular and original way. NO STOP laughter guaranteed! (duration 30 \ 45 min.)

     "Hoop Boom Boom":

             (high level multihooping physical & comedy):

One woman show that will make everybody dance and sing out loud!  the great hits of the "nostalgic 90s" Through a luminous cloud Hoop Boom Boom will be able to interpret or misinterpret the thoughts of the audience, making of every moment an opportunity  to play and interact in a funny way  all over the show. Improvisation, interaction, impeccable hula hoop techniques (1 to 7) hard to find in street performances will make this a High voltage show! (duration 25 min.)

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